Zero: Fever Part 2: SEALED albums (with poster): USA ONLY!

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These are Zero: Fever Part 2 SEALED albums. (They do NOT come with pre-order/fansign pcs.)

We are including the poster. HOWEVER, it will likely be folded an additional time, and we will not be adding special protection for the poster. If the poster gets dented/scratched/bent during shipping, this does NOT qualify you for a refund for your album. What you are purchasing is the sealed album. The poster is a freebie extra.

We are shipping albums ONLY to the USA. Shipping cost is the same as for photocards: $6. You CAN combine photocards and these albums in the same order. (Orders over $100 will have free shipping.)

These albums are PRE-ORDER! We estimate individual shipping to start the week of April 25, however it may be earlier or later, depending when we receive the albums.

Please CLICK HERE for information about how we work and when your items will be shipped.

PLEASE NOTE: Import duties/customs/taxes are the buyer’s responsibilities.