Zero: Fever Part 2 FREE albums! (NO photocards!) ONLY Korean addresses! (YOU MUST READ PRODUCT DESCRIPTION AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!!!) $7 shipping per 1 box of 20 albums

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ATEEZ Zero: Fever Part 2 FREE albums: NO photocards. Everything else included. All 3 versions available.

There is no limit on how many you can have!!! You can get 500 or even 1000 or more if you want! This listing will show as “sold out” once all albums from the first batch I’m getting are all taken.

These albums are FREE. The fee you will pay is for domestic Korean shipping. It is $7 per box of 20 albums.

Instead of only showing you the shipping cost at checkout, I have attached the shipping cost to the box of albums. That way when you click on the amount of boxes you want, you will see how much shipping is. (Once you get to checkout, you will be charged that amount, and shipping will show up as free.)

1 box = 20 albums. Choose the number of boxes you want. (Ex: If you choose a quantity of 6, that means you will get 6 boxes of 20 albums each = 120 albums. And you will be charged $42 - $7 shipping x 6 boxes.)

This listing is for the albums I should be receiving the week of release (March 2-5). As soon as I open the albums and remove the photocards, I need the albums out of my apartment. I will be immediately ordering pickup service for the next day. The exact date of shipping depends on the day I receive the albums.

  • YOU MUST WRITE YOUR ADDRESS IN KOREAN! Include your name in korean as well! I am only able to enter a name in hangeul when I order pickup service. If you want your English name included somewhere, you can add it in brackets in the second address line. YOU MUST INCLUDE A KOREAN PHONE NUMBER! I CANNOT order pickup without a korean number for the recipient! I will not have time to chase people for a number. PLEASE make sure you include it!

Do NOT choose "hold" by checkout. Make sure to choose "ship"!


I won’t have time to look at individual requests. You will automatically receive an even amount per version. For example, if you order 3 boxes, you will receive 1 box of each version. If you order 1 box, you will receive 6 of one version, 7 of another version, and 7 of the last version...and so on.

This listing will show as “sold out” once all the albums I’ll be receiving the week of release are taken.

I will be receiving more albums a little later on. I will reopen this listing once more albums are available.