Treasure: Hidden Map Photocard Member Sets (6 pcs per set) [PRE-ORDER]

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These are the photocards from the Treasure: Hidden Map photobooks. 

There are a total of 48 pcs - 6 per member (Mingi included!!!!! <3 )

When you purchase a member set, you will get all 6 types of pcs for that member.

(The photocards are $16 each, so a member set of 6 pcs is $96.)

As we do for all pre-orders, we only release a small amount of photocards compared to the amount that we are buying, so we should pull more than enough to cover all the pcs ordered during pre-orders. Once we receive the photobooks and pull all the pcs, we will post the extras for sale individually.

Please note that there is a possibility that we may pull a very uneven amount of photocards. If that should happen, then those who we do not have enough for will get a refund for the pc(s) we are missing. We will not be refunding the full member set. We will be refunding the pc(s) that are missing, and you will receive the remaining photocards in that set.

The photobooks are being released on August 13. They are being shipped to our Korean address, and all the pcs will be pulled in Korea. They will then be shipped to Canada, and sorted, packaged, and shipped individually from Canada.

PLEASE NOTE: Import duties/customs/taxes are the buyer’s responsibilities.