San HBD Pajamas [PRE-ORDER]

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These are the San birthday pajamas.

There are 3 options:

1. Pajamas & 1 random photocard: $59

2. Pajamas only: $25

3. 1 random photocard only: $34

If you only purchase 1 item with a photocard, you will receive 1 random of 2 pcs. If you purchase 2 items with a pc, you will receive both versions. For example, if you purchase 2 of option 1 or if you purchase 1 of option 1 and 1 of option 3. (If we receive an uneven amount and do not have enough to give one of each photocard version, you will have the option to receive 2 of the same pc or get a refund for one of the items.)

If you would like some info about the high pricing, you can see HERE where we gave a bit of a breakdown on costs for our Dreamers merch release. We use the same cost calculating process for all merch.

These are scheduled to be shipped by KQ from August 27. They are being shipped via dhl direct to Canada. (We did NOT choose the cheaper Korea Post option as that tends to be a LOT slower and more problematic during covid.)

Individual shipping is $6 US, $7 Canada, $8 international. (Extra costs for shipping are included in the price itself.)