Dreamers Japan Member Guaranteed Can Badge

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These are the can badges from the Dreamers Japan merch.

There are 14 types - 2 per member. NO Mingi

If you purchase 1, you will receive 1 random of 2 types for that member. If you purchase 2 of one member, you will get both types for that member.

These are member guaranteed. This means we buy a bunch extra to try an ensure we have enough of all members for all orders. If for some reason, we do not get enough of a member for all orders, the last order(s) we don't have enough for will get a refund. (Or you can also choose a different member if you prefer.)

(The prices for these are extra high. We tend to only get orders for these for very few specific members and have ended up losing money in the past buying a bunch in order to have those members available. We would like to still offer the option of member specific, however, we needed to raise the price in order to be able to purchase all the extras necessary to get these specific members.)

If you would like a random member for cheaper, please see the other product option.

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PLEASE NOTE: Import duties/customs/taxes are the buyer’s responsibilities.