Zero: Fever Part 2 FAQ

 Zero: Fever Part 2

Each order will only be shipped once all items in that order are on-hand. This means that if you purchase a few different photocards from different fansigns/pre-orders/etc...your order will not be shipped until we have received all the items in your order.

If an item includes "Pre-Order" in the title, that means that we do not have it on hand yet. If it does not say "Pre-Order", that means we have it ready to ship.

For updates on when pre-order items arrive to us, please make sure to follow us on twitter: @ATEEZByTay (This account is specifically for ATEEZ. For all groups, please follow us on @KpopGlobe_com)

As additional fansigns/benefits are announced, we will be opening up orders for them.


You can choose to make one big order, and it will be shipped once everything in that order is on-hand.

You can choose to make multiple orders and pay shipping each time, so that each order is shipped out as soon as the items from that order are on-hand.

You can choose to make multiple orders and choose "hold" when checking out so you are not charged shipping multiple times. You can do this as many times as you like. Once you're ready to make your final order, you must choose "ship" when checking out, and that order, and all previously held orders will be shipped together. Please note that combining all orders to be shipped like this, means that all your orders will only be sent once all items from all your orders are on-hand.

You can read more detailed information HERE


For order updates and to check if your order has been shipped out yet, please CLICK HERE