Season's Greetings Information

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I currently have a few Season's Greetings on hand. However, the majority of the SG should be arriving to me next week (the week of Dec 27). I am opening up sales now for the few photocards I currently have, plus all of the loose items in the SG I will have next week. Once they arrive to me next week, I will open them all and put up the photocards for sale.

ALL purchases for SG items will be packaged and shipped in one batch! That means if you buy a SG pc I have available right now, it will NOT be shipped until I have the rest of the SG next week, and put those up for sale. All orders will then be sent out on the next mass shipment to Canada.

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As per the request of a lot of people, I am selling all the loose items in the SG. If you purchase the desk calendar or the diary, the shipping price will be higher because of the size/weight. If you purchase any of the other items, shipping will be the normal price it always is.

If you want to buy some items now, then make another purchase next week for photocards and have them shipped together and only pay shipping once, you can learn how to do that by reading through the FAQ linked above. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are purchasing the desk calendar or the diary, you NEED to pay shipping right away! You CANNOT choose hold order. This is because the shipping fee will not be calculated correctly if you choose hold order now and only pay shipping when you purchase photocards.