We have over 16,000 pcs/photos/merch items we would like to clear out, so we are having a mystery box sale.

The value of the package you will receive is higher than the cost you will pay. We have multiple cost/value tiers, and a set amount of spots available for each tier.


Cost = The amount of money you will pay

Value = The combined value of all the items in the box


Mystery Box Tier Options:

Tier 1: $1,000 Cost = $4,500 Value: 5 spots available

Tier 2: $500 Cost = $1,900 Value: 10 spots available

Tier 3: $250 Cost = $750 Value: 30 spots available

Tier 4: $100 Cost = $275 Value: 50 spots available

Tier 5: $50 Cost = $125 Value: 50 spots available

Tier 6: $25 Cost = $55 Value: 100 spots available


Groups that we have photocards/merch for:


Medium: Treasure, TXT, The Boyz, Oneus, 

Least: BTS, Golden Child, Drippin’, EXO, Loona, NCT, Enhypen, ACE

When you purchase a spot, you will get to choose which groups you want included in your mystery box. You will need to choose one main group, and then you can add on as many additional groups as you want.

You CANNOT choose specific members! We will ensure there is a wide variety of members in each package. We are NOT taking requests for specific members.

Tiers 1, 2, & 3 will include photocards/photos/postcards/album inclusions/etc AND merch*

Tiers 4, 5, & 6 will only include photocards/photos/postcards/album inclusions/etc. NO merch**

*For tiers 1, 2, & 3, ATEEZ is the ONLY option for the main group. ATEEZ is the only group we have enough variety of pcs/merch to create a good mystery box for such high values. You can also add on as many other groups as you want.

**For tiers 4, 5, & 6, you can choose one of the following as your main group: ATEEZ, Treasure, TXT, The Boyz, or Oneus. You can also add on as many other groups as you want. 

Please note that if you choose multiple groups, there is no guarantee that we will include items from every single group in your package. For groups like BTS, Golden Child, Drippin’, EXO, Loona, NCT, Enhypen, & ACE, we have a very limited stock of items.

The value of your mystery box is based on what the items cost in our shop. We also have a number of products we never posted for sale, so these items will be valued as similar items in our shop or fair market value.



For example, if you purchase the $50 cost / $125 value mystery box with ATEEZ as your main group, and BTS & Treasure as additional groups, then you will pay $50, and the package you receive can be something like this:


  • 1x Fever Part 1 Thanxx pc ($9) 
  • 1x Fever Part 2 Diary Limited pc ($6)
  • 1x Summer Vacation Camp MD Japan Photo ($5)
  • 1x Ep 2 pc ($13) 
  • 1x Hidden Map pc ($16) 
  • 1x Fever Part 3 Regular pc ($7) 
  • 1x Fever Part 1 Fansign pc ($12) 
  • 1x Subkshop ID/pc member set ($6) 
  • 1x Season Songs hello82 pc ($12) 
  • 1x Atiny 2nd Fanclub Kit Polaroid pc ($2)


  • 1x Young Forever pc ($10)
  • 1x SY Final Concert Mini pc ($5)
  • 1x Japan Muster Mini pc ($5)


  • 1x Chapter Three Ktown4u pc ($4)
  • 1x Treasure Effect Baby pc ($4)
  • 1x Treasure Effect Selfie pc ($5)
  • 1x Chapter Three postcard ($4)

= $125 value

The above is just an example. Every single mystery package will be individually prepared and is unique. No two packages will be the same.

There are NO duplicates within a single package. Even if you purchase the $1,000 cost / $4,500 value package, you will NOT receive any duplicates! You will receive $4,500 worth of individual items. No duplicates. (Please note that if one person purchases multiple high value spots, then there will be duplicates between the different packages. Within one single package, there are NO duplicates, however, if you purchase multiple packages, then there may be some of the same items inside more than one package.)


  • These items are our extra stock. This means that we have many items available for less purchased members, and very few items available for highly sought after members. Please do not expect members San and Seonghwa to be included in your package. For the higher value spots, we may include some items from those members, but for the most part, these members will NOT be included as we generally do NOT have extras for these members.
  • Some merch items may have damaged (bent/scratched/etc) exterior boxes due to shipping or long storage. However, the merch items themselves are NOT damaged. If a box is damaged, we will lower it’s value a little bit to reflect the damaged box, however, since the item itself is not damaged, it will still be near to its actual value. We will NOT include any photocards/merch that are actually damaged.


Once you place your order, we will reach out to you via email within 2-3 days to get your requests on which groups you want included in your mystery box.

This item is PRE-ORDER. Sales will be open for 1 week. Once sales close, we will start creating all the mystery boxes. As each box is unique, it will take some time to create all the boxes. Expected time to complete all orders is around three weeks.

All items in the mystery box are 100% official! To avoid confusion, we are NOT including any unofficial freebies. If it comes in the mystery box, it's official!

Please note that it is called a mystery "box", however the actual package is it shipped in can be a cardboard mailer, bubble mailer, polybag, box, etc. depending on what items are included in each package.

Shipping is $6 to US, $7 to Canada, & $8 everywhere else.

PLEASE NOTE: Import duties/customs/taxes are the buyer’s responsibilities.