Japan 1st Single 'DREAMERS' FAQ

We are opening pre-orders for the Japan photocards in the same way we do for Korean photocards. We will put up some pcs for each member available for pre-order. This will be a percentage of the overall amount of albums we are buying. We do this to account for variances in the amount of pcs we pull per member. We buy enough so that we should be able to cover all the pcs that are pre-ordered. However, sometimes we have bad luck and might only pull a very small amount of a specific pc. If this is the case, they are allocated based on who ordered first. And the last few orders we do not have enough of that pc for will get refunded for that pc.

We have already ordered a bunch of every album version, and will buy more over the coming days.

Most of these albums will be opened in Japan and only the pcs will be shipped to Canada to save on shipping and import costs and help us keep our prices fair. We will ship a smaller amount of albums to Canada based on how many orders we get for the unsealed albums. We are NOT selling sealed albums.

Your shipping costs at checkout are $6 to US, $7 to Canada, and $8 international. This remains the same even if you also purchase the albums. We have included the extra costs of shipping both from Japan to Canada and individual shipping in the cost of the album itself, so we don't have to do complicated shipping calculations for checkout.

(This is NOT a go! You will NOT be paying a second or third or fourth payment! The price you see at checkout is your total and ONLY payment you'll need to make.)

The album release date is July 28 in Japan. We will need to wait for the albums to be shipped to our Japan address, have our staff in Japan open the albums and remove the pcs, ship the items to Canada, etc. This will likely take place over a few weeks. We will do our best to move as quick as possible. We are shipping with UPS from Japan to Canada so it should only take a few business days for that part. We are NOT using ems as it hasn't been reliable during covid. Once we have the items in Canada, it should take a few days to a week to package and ship out all orders. Please note that these are estimates!

It is currently a month before release, so please only purchase if you can be patient.

We are buying a LOT less Japan albums than we usually buy for Korean albums. This is our first time opening for Japan pcs like this, so we're starting off a lot smaller. We do not plan to have a huge excess amount available for purchase after release like we always have for the Korean albums.

Please note that each album comes with a lottery ticket. KQ has not announced yet what the lottery is for. We will be keeping some tickets for staff, and will likely be giving away many lottery tickets to ATINY who have purchased Dreamers pcs/albums from us. If the lottery tickets are for merch only, we will be using all the lottery tickets, and then giving away some of the merch that we win. (If we win.) We will NOT be giving out lottery tickets to every single person who orders as we do not have the time nor the manpower to do all that extra work. When you purchase pcs or albums, THAT is what you are paying for. The lottery tickets are NOT included.