All items get mass shipped to Canada, where they are packaged, and then individually shipped out to customers.


You are ALWAYS guaranteed the member(s) you purchase. 

What does pre-order mean?

Pre-order means that you are purchasing the photocard before we have it on hand, which means it will not be shipped out right away. We generally open up pre-orders for pre-order benefits from stores like MMT, Ktown4u, Withdrama, etc., as well as for fansign pcs. We know which pre-order pcs we will have either because a. the store sends an even amount per member to us or b. we negotiated with the store and can request how many pcs we want per member.

For photocards inside the album, we open pre-orders for a small percentage of the average amount of pcs we should receive based on how many albums we are purchasing. We only open up pre-orders for a small percentage of the pcs inside the album since we assume that as always, the difference in quantity we actually receive per photocard will vary wildly and we do not want to presell more than we will end up having. Once we receive the albums and sort the photocards, we will put the remaining photocards on sale.

The product title will clearly show [PRE-ORDER] if the item is pre-order. Products that do not say [PRE-ORDER] are in stock.

Once the album is released and we receive them from the store, we will open them, sort all of the inclusions, then post the extra inclusions for sale on this site.

Will I need to pay shipping twice if I want to make one order for pre-order benefits before release, and then a second order once you post all the album inclusions for sale?

No! We have set up our shop so that you can make multiple orders, but only pay shipping once. 

When you go to checkout, you will see two shipping options.
1. Ship
2. Hold Order

If you choose "ship", you will be charged shipping, and your order will be prepared and shipped out to you within a few business days. (If there are pre-order items in your order then your order will be shipped to you within a few business days of them arriving to Canada.)

If you choose "hold order", you will not be charged shipping, and your order will be set aside for you, but not shipped. 

You can choose "hold order" for as many orders as you'd like. As long as you choose "hold order", you will not be charged shipping, and your orders will be set aside for you, but not shipped.

Once you're ready to make your final order, please make sure to choose the "ship" option, so you pay the shipping fee. Once you do this, then this order, and all your previously held orders will be combined together, and sent on the next shipment out of Korea.


We are located in Seoul, South Korea, with a shipping location in Canada.

All albums we purchase are shipped to us in Korea. This means that we will often get our albums quickly.

Generally, we package orders in Korea, and mass ship them to Canada once per week. Then once they arrive in Canada, they are individually shipped to you.

However, currently we are keeping all photocards in Canada, and are individually shipping orders within a few business days.

All orders are 100% tracked.


Once individually shipped:

From Canada to the US: 2-5 business days
From Canada to Canada: 2-10 business days
From Canada to Everywhere Else: 4-15 business days

PLEASE NOTE: Import duties/customs/taxes are the buyer’s responsibilities.

We use USPS First Class mail for US shipments, Stallion Domestic for Canada shipments, and Postnl/Apc for international shipments.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to make a claim that your order is missing an item, you must provide a video showing the package completely sealed, then being opened with a clear view of every photocard inside. You do not need to show your face.

PLEASE NOTE: We have a strict no refund policy.