Fansign Giveaway FAQ

As of right now, we do NOT accept minors as winners. We are NOT comfortable accepting and putting down the information of a minor. We are very sorry! (Do NOT lie about this. Staff will call you in advance, before you talk to the idols, and they will check your passport. If you lie about your information, you will be DENIED the fansign and you will lose your spot, and have taken the spot away from someone else.)

These giveaways are all for video call fansigns. You can participate from anywhere in the world.

We at (@KpopByTay) purchase a lot of albums in order to offer photocards in our shop. Many times, the albums we purchase are lottery entries for fansigns. However, we do not want to personally win fansigns for groups we don’t stan, since that would take away spots from real fans. Therefore, we do fansign giveaways.

Generally, you just need to retweet and follow in order to enter our giveaways. (It will state the information on the tweet.)

The winner of our giveaway is the name and info we will put down when we purchase our albums. Since we generally buy a lot of albums, you should have a very high chance of winning the fansign.

Q. If I win the giveaway, am I guaranteed the fansign?

A. NO! If you win OUR giveaway, that means we will put YOUR name, YOUR phone number, etc. in the fansign information section when we purchase all our albums. This means that all the lottery chances we get because of the albums we bought will be in YOUR name. Which means you have a very high chance of winning the fansign. However, this is NEVER guaranteed. We are not the ones who run the fansigns. We just purchase a lot of albums and will put your name down as the lottery entries.

Q. I won your giveaway but I am not comfortable sharing my information. What should I do?

A. Unfortunately, we will need to pick another winner. In order for you to win the fansign, we NEED your legal name, birthday, phone number, and kakao or line id. This information is REQUIRED by all fansigns in order to enter. If we do not have that information, we cannot enter you into the fansign.

Q I won your fansign giveaway and you put my information down when you purchased the albums. How will I know if I won the fansign?

A. We will be in contact with you once the results are announced. We will check our email for a notification or the online site for the winner list and let you know the result.

Q. What happens once I win the actual fansign?

A. If you won the fansign, we will contact you and send you the information page from the music site. It will have detailed information about how the fansign works and all the rules and regulations. It is your responsibility to have working internet, and attend the fansign at the proper date/time. We will NOT give you another fansign if you miss it.

Q. Will I get to keep the prizes that the fansign winner gets?

A. You will ALWAYS get to keep your personal signed album from the idols. It will be shipped to us, like all the albums are, and we will ship it out to you for free. If there are other prizes like photocards or polaroids, you will NOT get to keep these! We use these for giveaways on our page so more people have the opportunity to get rare items.