All merch has been purchased from Subkshop. We purchased a lot of extra items for the polaroids. Our extra items and remaining polaroids are available for sale until they're sold out. It is no longer possible to purchase the items together with a random polaroid.



You CANNOT purchase items in this collection together with other items. If you purchase ATEEZ X SUBKSHOP items, you can ONLY checkout with these items. Do NOT include other items in your order. (We are NOT offering the lightiny or the keyring.)

Shipping for the ID Photo Set, Smark Tok, Mask Strap, Poster Set, and Photocard Set is the same cost as we always have:

$6 for the US, $7 for Canada, and $8 everywhere else.

However, if you include a Hoodie in your order, shipping is $20. If you purchase multiple hoodies, the shipping costs will increase. (We ship the Hoodie worldwide EXCEPT the US. If you are in the US, please purchase the Hoodie directly from Subkshop.)

When purchasing ATEEZ X SUBKSHOP items, you will have 3 options:

1. Purchase the item with a random printed polaroid. (These are the official printed polaroids from subkshop.) If you purchase multiple items, we will do our best to give you all different polaroids without doubles. However, this is not guaranteed, as it depends on what we receive from subkshop. (Our price increase accounts for shipping costs to Canada, import tax/duty, service fees, etc. Despite the cost increase, it should still be lot cheaper for international orders as our international shipping is a fraction of what subkshop charges.)

Prices: Hoodie ($70), ID Photo Set ($16), Smart Tok ($26), Mask Strap ($21), Poster Set ($26), Photocard Set ($26)

2. Purchase the item without a polaroid for cheaper.

Prices: Hoodie ($58), ID Photo Set ($8), Smart Tok ($18), Mask Strap ($13), Poster Set ($18), Photocard Set ($18)

3. Purchase specific member sets (1 member set is $6 and includes 3 photocards from the photocard set and 1 ID photo from the ID photo set. For Mingi, it is $2 and includes just the ID photo as there are no photocards of Mingi in the photocard set.)

We are also purchasing large amounts of extra items from subkshop so we can sell the printed polaroids separately themselves. These members are GUARANTEED. They are $15 each. There are 2 different polaroids for each member (total of 14). If you purchase 1 polaroid for a member, you will be given 1 random of 2 available polaroids for that member. If you purchase 2 for a member, you will be given both versions for that member. (If you purchase 3 for a member, you will be given 2 of 1 of the versions and 1 of the other version. If you purchase 4 for a member, you will be given 2 of each version for that member. And so on...)

The guaranteed polaroids is run the same way as we do all our pre-orders. In the event that we somehow get an uneven amount of polaroids from subkshop, and we don't have enough of the member you ordered, you will be given the option of a refund or choosing another member instead. This is NOT a sorting go. You are NOT forced to take another member instead of the member you purchased.

Subkshop has stated that shipping is estimated to start around late June. Once we receive the items in Canada, we will start individually shipping out orders. There will likely be NO updates for this collection until late June. Please make sure that you can wait a couple of months, as we will NOT have the items sooner.

 We will likely keep orders open as long as Subkshop pre-order lasts. However, we will put limits on the member sets and guaranteed polaroids. We may open additional orders for those as we increase what we are buying.